A List of Resources on the Bahá’í Faith

Last updated: 2024-02-08

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Worldwide Bahá’í Community

Official sites run by the the Bahá’í International Community.

Multi column
Main website: Bahai.org
YouTube channel: The Bahá’í Faith

Presents collection of essays & articles that explore themes of relevance to the progress and well-being of humanity, highlight advancements in the worldwide Bahá’í community at the levels of thought & action, and reflect on the dynamic history of the Bahá’í Faith.

Multi column

News articles, videos, podcasts.

High-quality photos for non-commercial purposes.

The authoritative online source of the Bahá’í writings is searchable, has a great user-interface, and offers downloads in multiple formats.


Official content maintained by the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States.

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Main website: Bahai.us

Music Videos

Beautifully-produced videos from around the world of Bahá’ís & their friends putting the Bahá’í Writings to music.


Independent hubs for news, articles, talks, interviews, podcasts

Children's Classes

Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment

Study Circles

Responsible for the programs currently used in Bahá’í children's classes, the junior youth spiritual empowerment program, and the main sequence of courses for adults (commonly referred to as "study circles"). Books and songs are available as free downloads.

Official Documentaries

Movie-quality feature-length documentary productions commissioned by the Bahá’í International Community, the Bahá’í World Centre, or The Universal House of Justice.

An Expansive Prospect [2022]

Glimpses of a Hundred Years of Endeavour [2022]

Exemplar [2021]

Glimpses into the Spirit of Gender Equality [2021]

Dawn of the Light [2019]

A Widening Embrace [2018]

Light to the World [2017]

To Serve Humanity [2014]

Frontiers of Learning [2013]

Arising to Serve [2009]

Other Documentaries

In contrast to the above section, these were not commissioned by BIC, BWC, or The Universal House of Justice.

A Rich Tapestry [2018-2022]

The Gate: Dawn of the Bahá’í Faith [2018]

Race Unity in America: an Oral History [2020-2021]

To Light a Candle [2014]

Warning: first 30 seconds has loud beep (film actually starts at the 1-minute mark)

History in Stories

Items in this section should be more accessible to young kiddos.

The Promised One - A Story from the Bahá’í Faith [2023]

This five-minute film explores a story from early Bahá’í history, sourced from famed Bahá’í historian Nabil's much celebrated opus "The Dawn-Breakers", wherein we hear of the Báb's summoning to a convocation of religious leaders in Tabriz, and the extraordinary pronouncement He made at that gathering.

Unrestrained as the Wind: ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá and Agriculture [2022]

Ambassador to Humanity podcast [2021-2022]

This series of nine podcasts, produced especially for the centenary of the passing of Abdu’l-Baha, recounts the life and work of this unique figure in human history, celebrating his life, his legacy, and his enduring influence on humanity. It includes eyewitness accounts from those who encountered Abdu’l-Baha and commentary from those who have studied his life and example.

Through Their Eyes - Meeting ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá [2021]

Breaking the Chains: The Story of the Girls Schools in Iran [2020]

Storytelling by Sarah Perceval [2010-2016]

Awesome CDs (or digital tracks/albums) of well-produced storytelling with musical accompaniment.

The Roots of the Bahá’í Faith [2013]

Two three-minute videos released by the official Bahá’ís of the United States YouTube channel that each cover some of the history the Bahá’í Faith.

Short Films

Shorts from Bahá’í filmmakers.

The Road to Peace [2023]

Another World [2021]

In This Day [2020]

Hope from Iran [2020]

The first in a trilogy of films by Flavio Azm Rassekh. Through the stories of four very different individuals, this attempts to show that, although hopelessness has become a major theme in society today, there is still hope—a hope which was born in Persia 200 years ago and has spread to over 120 thousand localities around the globe.

Hope from Iran 2 [2020]

Hope from Iran 3 [2020]

Mercy's Blessing [2017]

Watch trailer above, then purchase on Vimeo or go to mercysblessing.com for more info